Apparatus of Princeton Fire Department

Princeton Fire Department has four apparatus working out of the station on Witherspoon Street: Engine 60, Squirt 60, Tower 60, and SS60, a special services vehicle.  The Associates' Program uses Engine 60-1.  Currently the department is in the process of acquiring two new apparatus, which will replace and redistribute current ones.

Ladder 60

Ladder 60 is a 2016 Pierce Arrow XT with a 75' rear-mount aerial. It has a 2000 GPM pump, 500 gallons of water, 500' of large diameter hose and is the first-due apparatus for the Department.

Rescue 60

Rescue 60 is a 2016 Pierce Arrow XT which functions as a light rescue for the Department. It has a 2,000 GPM pump, 500 gallons of water and 1,600' of large diameter hose.

Engine 60

A 1996 Pierce Dash, Engine 60 is the second-due engine to any fire related incident. It carries 500 gallons of water and 1,600 feet of large diameter hose, operating as the primary supply engine for the Department as well as for tender task force assignments.

Squirt 60

Squirt 60 is a 1999 Pierce Dash with a 75’ Snozzle and 500 gallon tank. For hose, it carries 2000’ of 5”, two crosslays and a trash line, similar to the Tower.

Tower 60

Tower 60 is a 2001 KME 95’ Mid-Mount tower ladder.  Besides the aerial, the truck has a 250 gallon tank and carries an assortment of hose including 200’ of large diameter hose, two crosslays (at 250’ and 150’) and a 100’ bumper line. 

Special Services 60

Special Services 60 (SS-60) is a 2006 Ford F-550 Ambulance Prep Package cab on a KME utility body.  A 12,000lbs Warn winch mounts to the front bumper and a Wil-Burt Lightscan is atop the body’s roof.  Within the compartments are battery powered hand tools, fluids/spill containment, 2 SCBAs, dewatering pumps, and the department’s swiftwater gear.

Engine 60-1

Engine 60-1, a 1989 Pierce Lance, was officially retired and donated to the Dempster Fire Training Academy in 2017.

Engine 60-2

A 1982 Mack with a 500 gallon tank, Engine 60-2 was retired and donated to Nicaragua to continue service in 2016.

Fire Police 60

Fire Police 60 (FP-60) is a 2003 Dodge Durango which had prior use by the police department prior to reaching the end of its service life for them.  Fire police personal and FP-60 respond out of Princeton Engine Company #1.