Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a volunteer fire department?


Who can join?


Do volunteers have to respond all the time?

No.  Some people are inescapably busy at some times, but that's why we have dozens of volunteers.  Whoever's available (or can make themselves available) responds, and lets the station know so that everyone else can see if enough members are responding.  

what if no one responds?


what is mutual aid?


does princeton fire department have paramedics?

No.  Ambulances are run by Princeton First Aid and Rescue, which is entirely separate from the Fire Department.  All firefighters are required to complete basic first aid training, and some become EMT's and join PFARS as well as PFD.

what are all these different emergency response organizations in princeton?


why are there three companies?


how come all three companies respond out of one house?


can I visit the fire department?

Certainly!  You're free to drop by our headquarters at any time, but since we don't have a paid staff, we can't guarantee someone will be present when you arrive.  If you want to make sure you meet someone, call ahead and arrange a time.

something's on fire.  what do I do?

Call 9-1-1 immediately and report the situation.  Do not call the firehouse or a firefighter; we aren't allowed to self-dispatch.

If the fire seems at all out of control, do not try to put it out yourself.  Exit the building and ensure that someone has alerted the authorities.  Do not go back into a burning building; the smoke can overwhelm you with very little warning or the room could "flash" (fill with fire), or your way out could be blocked, or something else could happen to endanger you and whoever or whatever you are trying to save.  Wait for firefighters to arrive and tell them if anyone is still inside, and where that person may be.

Don't leave the door open behind you when you come out.  That will make the fire grow faster.  If you think someone like a pet might be trapped, you can leave the door cracked or just rest the door against the jamb so that your pet can open it by pushing.  

does it matter if i call 9-1-1 from a cell phone or a landline?


why is it so important to have alarms?


will you help me install my smoke or carbon monoxide detector?


it's flooding!  Will you help pump out my basement?


Will you fill my swimming pool?


i run a business in princeton.  why are the fire marshals so strict?


I heard sirens, but nothing's in the news.  what was that about?


what are your response times?


how many members does pfd have?


can i volunteer at pfd and another fire department?


how can i keep my pets safe in case of fire?


who makes all the rules?